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  1. The visual appearance and implementation is spot on Vegas Plus Casino
  2. The games library is definitely Vegas Plus strength
  3. The customer service is, on paper, very creditable
  4. Vegas Plus has earned its name

A staunch advocate of fast-paced entertainment is here, so let’s make the most of this adventure. Launched in 2021, Vegas Plus is an entertainment brand with a suite of sites available to players. The operator is certainly not sailing anywhere in the world yet, so there’s likely to be something worthwhile to take away from this review. From the name of the venue alone, you can tell what kind of fun and excitement is in store. But don’t let that fool you too much. Fast action is likely to be available, but the focus is certainly not just on the betting when it comes to the games. There’s also a very concentrated sample of the cream of the gambling crop, so entertainment gamblers are equally welcome here. It is owned by the Maltese company North Point Management Ltd, which admittedly sounds more like a consultancy than a gaming company. However, this is not the case, as it is an entertainment site manufacturer, which, in addition to Vegas Plus, is responsible for the Lightning Casino, for example. So let’s take a closer look at what the site is all about.

The visual appearance and implementation is spot on Vegas Plus Casino

The vibrant red colour scheme is the heart and driving force behind the exterior of this property. It brings a punch, a sharpness and a certain killing sensation that is sure to get guests bouncing in their chairs. And there’s a flashy yellow thrown in for good measure, which adds to the electricity of the atmosphere. The playing field in question is therefore a real power packet, at least as far as the outer shell is concerned. Fortunately, Vegas Plus France has realised that you can’t play with colours too much either. The atmosphere has been calmed and balanced a little with a traditional white background, and it certainly suits this shell. We think that the colours in particular have been very successful. The name of the game is betting, which is strongly linked to sport. The aim is to provide this excitement with a couple of footballers, who appear right on the front page in a large banner. The solution speaks volumes about the deeper nature of Vegas Plus and it certainly gets players in the mood.

The games library is definitely Vegas Plus strength

Even if the operator’s focus is not mainly on our interests, there still seems to be plenty to do. In this section, we’ll really only focus on the slot machines and table games at Vegas Plus Casino, but it’s likely that the betting is at least as good. From a first visit, it can be seen that Vegas Plus is particularly investing in older hits and classics. There are years of work from many of the big manufacturers on offer, which are still at the brightest end of the market.

A wide selection of slots at online casinos Vegas Plus

Of course, there is more recent production, but not with as much emphasis as the iconic works. Entertainment is provided by a number of different game publishers, whose names will be familiar to you by now. For example, Yggdrasil, Big Time Gaming, Play’n Go, IsoftBet and Vegas Plus are all represented here. Of course, this means that there’s a lot of stuff available, and certainly not in any trinket form.

The customer service is, on paper, very creditable

Next up is the issue of customer service in the gaming house, which is of course a very important feature. Unfortunately, the doors of Vegas Plus are not always open and the opening hours are limited to between 10am and 1am. So there is no support or assistance available at night, so it’s worth bearing that in mind if your own visits take place after dark. The site has a very extensive FAQ section, which you should use whenever you encounter problems. There is a high probability that you will find an answer there, so you will not have to contact the customer service staff. And of course you can read the information pack anyway, as it provides a lot of good information for your visits. In terms of channels, you’ll find the familiar guys, which are available at pretty much every online casino. Email is a good way to deal with complex problems, while live chat is the best tool for urgent matters. Vegas Plus tries to respond to both channels as quickly as possible to avoid any problems delaying or delaying your gaming trips.

Vegas Plus has earned its name

The entertainment centre in question was very much what was expected. It’s going to be a fast-paced affair, not just in terms of betting, but all manner of online gambling as well. So Vegas Plus has lived up to its name. Signing up, making payments and setting up an account in general is all handled easily with Trustly. The money moves at lightning speed in both directions, and there’s no need for manuals. Of course, some players had some bad experiences with Vegas Plus, but there could be many different reasons for that. Overall, it’s a very competent destination to play in and the payouts come without deductions. The game library is high quality and wide enough for everyone to find something to do on their own screen. There’s also the option to jump into the betting side of things, which adds a nice extra spice to visits.

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