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Any money we raise will be donated to the Dogs Trust and Lakeland Trailhound Welfare as we have a lot to thank them for and wish to support them to continue their amazing work. Rather than taking on another high maintenance Siberian I was looking into other dogs that are of a sporting nature. I was looking at the Trailhound Welfare website in 2012 and came across Mog a 2 year old that was being privately re-homed through the site. He had never raced, but had been in training to do search and rescue unfortunately he didn’t make the grade due to his recall. With the intense one to one training needed to become a search and rescue dog his owner decided to re-home him rather than have him sitting in a kennel while he put all his time in training another dog.

In this article, she explores how stories can be used to make young people’s language learning meaningful and memorable. In my 7th to 12th Standard English Textbooks, there’re lots of stories (‘Mr. Know All’, ‘On my 70th Birthday’, ‘The Gift of Magi’, ‘After 20 years’ etc) that I really liked and the idea of them still lingers in my mind. Since in those days I wasn’t that freak about books and literature, so lost tracks of their authors and all. So when I found 4 of those cherished stories in “Best of O Henry”, I’d no option but to go for it, and it really presented me with a gratifying journey back to those memorable days of my life. I think Only Fools and Horses is a great TV series to study. The stories are good, the characters incredibly strong. It’s usually the way they interact and talk to each other that makes the situation funny.

With our handy resizing tool, sharing has never been easier. Make them even funnier with your own annotations. You can use VEED to add audio track, sound effects, and so much more, to make your funny video guaranteed to get laughs. Use this story to illustrate the risks of failing to use positive thinking. The story also illustrates the common tendency for us all to retaliate before we are attacked, and humankind’s potential for tit-for-tat or ‘eye-for-an-eye’ behaviour, on which most international politics has been based since the beginning of civilisation.

On his return to the bus, all twenty patients were gone. Being a resourceful fellow and fearing the consequences of his negligence, he drove to the next bus stop, where he claimed to be a replacement for the usual service. Allowing twenty people aboard, the driver made straight for his destination, where he warned staff at the gates that the ‘patients’ were deluded and extremely volatile. The angry ‘patients’ were duly removed, sedated and incarcerated, and remained in detention for three days, until staff were able to check the records and confirm their true identities.

“I might be able to make new keys from the locks, if you bring the vehicle to me,” said the locksmith, so the family drove to the locksmith, whose business was in a small shopping centre in the California countryside. The next day back at the camp site, Dad called a local locksmith to see what could be done. At this point the caretaker stepped forward with a sponge squeegee, which he took into one of the toilet cubicles, dipped into the toilet bowl, and then used to clean one of the lipstick-covered mirrors. A little under nine months later the politician’s wife was opening his mail. When she came to a particular postcard the politician noticed and suddenly became attentive. The story goes that a prominent, married, philandering, wealthy politician took advantage of a young female Italian translator during an overseas visit.

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Encouraging your child to read or listen to stories should therefore help them to learn a second language in a way that is not only fun, but memorable. Karen Saxby is the author of the Storyfun series, published by Cambridge University Press. She also co-wrote the Fun For series, and is an experienced Cambridge English consultant.

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Our brains don’t always recognise the difference between an imagined situation and a real one so the characters become ‘alive’ to us. What they say and do is therefore more meaningful. This is why the words and structures that relate a story’s events, descriptions and conversations are processed in this deeper way. Language is bit difficult to grab at the start but after 1 or 2 stories, one can easily adjust to O Henry’s kind of writing, which is both funny as well as moving at times. Now, without wasting any more words let me get straight into the tales in the order of my penchant. These quotes should at least make you smile or fulfill your desire for a funny quote to compliment your road trip without seeming too serious. Fantasy and Science Fiction attempts at humour leave me cold.

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The three engineers all get out, shaken, relieved, and take turns to assess the situation. “No guessing required,” answers the shepherd, “You showed up here even though nobody called you. You took a fee for giving me an answer that already know, to a question I never asked, and you know nothing about my business. Now give me back my dog.” It takes just a few moments to make somebody’s day, to help someone with their own personal aims and dreams – especially someone who looks up to you for encouragement and support. A mother wished to encourage her small girl’s interest in the piano and so took her a local concert featuring an excellent pianist. In the entrance foyer the mother met an old friend and the two stopped to talk. The little girl was keen to see inside the hall and so wandered off, unnoticed by her mother.

He actually does quite well, given that he knows little about the subject. Subsequent media reports that Guy Goma was a taxi driver are false – he’s a business graduate. He later attended his mini militia god mod apk download IT job interview but regrettably was unsuccessful. You can read what Guy Kewney thought of it all on his own blog at (there are several entries – read them all to see the full picture).

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The stories reflect the personal and professional experiences and aspirations that lead to participation in the PPI process by both patients and staff. Digital stories provide a creative way for people to tell their stories using an amalgamation of voice, image and music, and can be used to engage nurses with others’ experiences in the classroom setting. Seven people with early-stage dementia and one carer participated in making their own stories during a Patient Voices Reflective digital storytelling workshop in April, 2011. These participants experienced particular and varied challenges relating to telling a story and engaging with the technical process of digital storytelling. These Patient Voices Reflective digital stories were created as part of the development of an inter-professional learning resource that would help cultivate compassion in end of life care. In October 2021, members of NHS staff in the South-West took part in an online Patient Voices reflective digital storytelling workshop so that they could share, in their own words, their own experiences of diversity and working in the NHS.

The letters provide a great example of the dangers of making assumptions and jumping to conclusions, and also how to reply to a false accusation with humour and style. A lady takes her pet chihuahua with her on a safari holiday. Wandering too far one day the chihuahua gets lost in the bush, and soon encounters a very hungry looking leopard. The chihuahua realises he’s in trouble, but, noticing some fresh bones on the ground, he settles down to chew on them, with his back to the big cat. As the leopard is about to leap, the chihuahua smacks his lips and exclaims loudly, “Boy, that was one delicious leopard. I wonder if there are any more around here.” It so happened that another test laboratory in a different part of the world was involved in assessing bird-strikes – in this case on the windshields and drivers’ cabs of new very high speed trains. The train test engineers had read about the pioneering test developed by the aerospace team, and so they approached them to ask for specifications of the gun and the testing methods.